Old Bridge Community Garden
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Bylaws of Old Bridge Community Garden 2012

The Old Bridge Community Garden (OBCG) is currently in its embryonic planning stages and began when a group of Master Gardeners established a Steering Committee in January 2012. Since that time the Steering Committee has actively organized and promoted efforts to secure land and other resources in close cooperation with Old Bridge municipal government, including initial support from the town council and mayoral office, and the kind sponsorship of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Our mission is to cultivate a garden that can foster opportunities for civic engagement, education, and volunteer service. Its ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Old Bridge through the free development of community: to improve neighborhood vitality and sustainable environmental stewardship.

Our goals are stated below in practical simplicity:
       (a) To provide plots of land and other physical resources to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.
       (b) To serve as a horticulture education center with hands-on learning, friendly information exchange by gardeners, informal training and workshops by Master Gardeners.
       (c) To encourage sustainable gardening practices with the use of Integrated Pest Management. 
       (d) To promote well-being by expanding options for healthy eating, physical exercise, and social interaction.
       (e) To encourage the use of produce grown locally for enhanced nutritional quality.
       (f) To build better community relations with a “Good Gardening Neighbor" policy and opportunity for people to meet and work together.
       (g) To facilitate the donation of excess vegetables grown to the Old Bridge Township Food Bank.
       (h) To develop relationships with local farmers and suppliers for mutual economic strength.
       (i) To enhance the environment of Old Bridge Township by creating a safe, attractive, inviting green space.
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